Women want sex Cabin John

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One of every 3 couples reports sexual problems in marriage. Meet two couples confounded by the lack of passion in their relationships.

Women want sex Cabin John

Each volunteered to participate in this story and to allow our cameras to follow them through an unconventional sex therapy. It will be a rare glimpse into the most private part of marriage. John and Lakethia John and Lakethia, who goes by the nickname Keye, answered the ad we placed in a national magazine for couples wanting to escape a sexless relationship. Rob Stafford, Dateline Correspondent: How often do you have sex? John: --three or four months—Keye: Women want sex Cabin John. Keye: I thought he had melty eyes. Like you look into them and they just soak you up. John: It was probably after only two or three months.

John: It is probably five or six times a week. Or five or six different days maybe one or twice. Keye: We were active laughter to say the least. Now, life revolves around their three active kids, two careers and one very hectic household. Keye: Right, dress everybody, feed everybody dress myself. Keye is a fulltime mom, part-time student and partner in a catering business. John: I get done with work. We switch off and I take the kids home. She goes to school. Keye: For the most part we keep it on track. John: Yeah. Keye: We work well together. We support each other well. John: Last year the one time we had sex, we got pregnant.

Keye: No we had sex two times last year. John: Oh, ok. Stafford: Why do you think this is happening? Keye: Yeah. Stafford: Are you still attracted to Lakethia. Stafford: Lakethia, are you still attracted to John? Laughter Keye: Probably not as much, but yes, I am. I mean—Keye: Really? And so that—that does hurt. In fact, John and Keye believe their marriage would go from good to great if only the sex were better. Tammy: I think a month and a half.

Stafford: How do you feel about that? Jack: Extremely frustrated. These two fell deeply in love back in high school while marching in the school band. After graduation, they wasted little time tying the knot. Today, Jack des computer software. Tammy works part time at their church and is fulltime mom to daughters Summer and Maya. And sex? Well, the passion that swept them off their feet is a faint memory. Stafford: So when you go down the list of the two girls, their homework, volunteer work and sex, where is the sex on the list of priorities? Tammy: For me, at the bottom. Stafford: And I take it its above Girl Scouts for you?

Jack: Laughter No, you know, it could be at the bottom—of that list as long as its included on the list. Right now its not even on the list.

Women want sex Cabin John

That little part of the list has been torn off. Tammy turned to hormone creams and Jack went to the florist.

Women want sex Cabin John

Jack: I would try to buy her flowers, surprise her, bring home flowers, try to do all these little things. Tammy: She would give us these asments like go home and rub each other with a brush. They answered our ad because they worry: How long can their relationship stand the stress and struggle of lost intimacy?

Stafford: What has it done to the two of you to your relationship? Absolutely nothing, says Dr. He says they never work because those fixes are based on a myth. Schnarch says intimacy can be revived whether a couple has been sexless for 5 years or But first, you must avoid a prime sex killer in marriage. That is, allowing what your spouse thinks of you to determine how you feel about yourself.

Schnarch: Your lives are so entwined and what literally happens is over the course of time, in most marriages, your partner becomes too important to show the hidden sexual side of yourself. Schnarch has just described their marriages. They do know they want change. Dateline agreed to pay the bill so each couple can give Dr. They agree to allow our cameras to follow every moment regardless of what happens. Jack: Yeah, most everybody. If it will help others, even better. Keye: Laughing For the help.

I mean I want the help. John: This is not the sort of thing I wanted to be on TV the first time over, but it is worth it to me if it keep our marriage together. No sex tips, no homework, no advice on how to make love. Just a no-holds barred dissection of why sex is missing from their bedrooms. A romantic bed and breakfast in the Colorado Rockies seemed an idyllic place for our couples to try to rekindle their faltering relationships.

If they Women want sex Cabin John inspired by their therapy sessions to do some homework, they have the privacy of their cabins. But down the road, in the office of sex therapist Dr. The typical appointments offered by traditional therapy last about an hour. Jack: I have a much higher level of sexual desire than she does.

Schnarch tells our couple how they have sex When Jack and Tammy describe how they make love it sounds, like a war zone. Schnarch: Like your wife is defending herself against you? Or I will give her a full body massage and as part of the massage, kind of work that in.

Women want sex Cabin John

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