Best Laptop Brands in India

Top 10 Best Laptop Brands in India

The page lists out the top 10 best laptop brands in India and their areas of strength. It should help you fix on the best brand that suits your preference and it will aid you in choosing the right model for you. We have selected the brands on this list after considering their market share in India, influence in the global market and the reputation among its customer base. The laptops from these top brands are sure to impress you with their attractive design concepts, overall performance, strong hardware and reliable customer service.

From getting your office work done to being your most dependable source of entertainment, laptops have started to have a significant influence on our daily lives. As we use these tiny personal computers for multiple purposes, the key is in finding that one ideal laptop which could fulfill most of the requirements we are looking for. The Indian appliance market is filled with enough brands and models to confuse an average person trying to zero in on the best laptop for him. The selection process can be made much easier if you could shortlist your choices to those best laptop brands in India which do not compromise on their quality and performance. Check out our list of the top 10 best laptop brands in India.

Here are the Top 10 Best Laptop Brands in India in 2020:


1. Apple

Best Laptop Brands in India - Apple

No other laptop brand has managed to match the class and quality of this American company. Apple has revolutionized the industry and the laptops from the brand are renowned for their elegant design and ease of operation. Superior quality does come at a cost for this brand and their laptops are surely the most expensive ones in the market. The premium laptop brand is often praised for its sleek and compact build, classy design and flawless performance.

Apple comes out with mainly three versions of laptops called the MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro and these models differ in their sizes and specifications. The laptops from the brand are targeted at high-end users who consider it to be a matter of status quo for them. And for those users for whom budget isn’t a constraint, the Apple laptops are a solid choice if they are into programming, video editing or other graphics-based applications.

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2. Dell

Best Laptop Brands in India - Dell

Dell has dominated the Indian market with its fine range of affordably priced options. The laptops from the brand are hailed for its enhanced user experience and robust build quality. The trusted manufacturer has managed to impress its customer base with its convenient service features like doorstep pickup and delivery. The options for buyers are diverse with both compact notebooks and large-screen laptops.

The Inspiron series of Dell laptops is a fine choice if you are looking for a laptop for your basic home and office usage. If gaming is a bigger priority for you, the Alienware laptop from Dell is surely the best option. The XPS series of Dell laptops have won accolades around the globe and they should be looked into if you are searching for a more intensified user experience. The top-selling models from Dell have inspired with their seamless performance and rich specifications.

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3. Hewlett Packard

Best Laptop Brands in India - Hewlett Packard

The laptops from the brand are still the first-choice product for a major chunk of the users in the country. HP is one of the oldest laptop manufacturers in India and it has managed to stay strong despite the competition it faces from the up and coming brands in the industry. The HP laptops are known for flaunting the strongest hardware in business. The brand also boasts of a product design with a perfect balance of both functionality and style.

HP has contributed to the laptop industry with its fresh innovations like a curved desktop and a 360-degree laptop. The Spectre, Omen and Pavilion series of laptops are good for basic usage while the Elite, Z Book, and ProBook laptops have advanced features that make them better office laptops. With its strong hardware and sleek profile, the HP Spectre 360 is one of the best laptops sold in India now.

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4. Lenovo

Best Laptop Brands in India - Lenovo

Over the last few years, the Chinese computer company has made considerable progress in the Indian laptop market. The Lenovo laptops are definitely not the best when it comes to style and design concepts, but their durability and build quality are supreme. The laptops from the brand are reliable performers with some solid hardware components packed into it. Some of the models from Lenovo are preferred by users for their ample battery backup and wide key spacing on the keypads.

The versatile range of Lenovo laptops is broadly classified into Yoga, Ideapad, and ThinkPad series. The Lenovo Yoga laptop series focuses on compact models and the Ideapad series is where you should be looking for the value for money offerings from the brand. Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro is one of the slimmest laptops in the Indian market and the ThinkPad X1 Yoga is an exemplary ultrabook from the brand.

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5. Asus

Best Laptop Brands in India - Asus

The Asus laptops are popular in India for their superlative hardware quality and outstanding gaming capabilities. The laptops from the Taiwanese MNC are solidly built with some attractive colors and elegant shapes integrated into its physical design. The options from the brand are really good if you are looking for a compact laptop with enough user-friendly features. The Asus laptops are quite multi-faceted with enough specifications for basic tasks, office usage, and even high-end gaming.

The ever-improving service network of the brand makes sure that the maintenance of your laptop is easily taken care of. The choice for an average buyer is ample with its long array of options from ZenBook and VivoBook series of laptops from the brand. The EeeBook series has a few lightweight and compact options if portability is a major priority for you. The Asus ZenBook UX330UA is a very popular model in the ZenBook series and is one of the best-selling laptops in the country.

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6. Acer

Best Laptop Brands in India - Acer

The Acer laptops are highly favored among users owing to its high-end specifications and reasonable pricing. The high-performance laptops from the brand are widely renowned for their robust hardware and durable internal components. The superior display properties of the laptop and the standout quality of its input devices are surely worth mentioning.

The Chromebook from Acer was one of its most successful products of all time. Apart from its unbeatable compactness, these inexpensive mini laptops of Acer have all the features and functionalities you expect from a regular-sized laptop. The laptops of this popular series are an ideal option for traveling professionals who are always on the go. Also, the Predator Helios laptop from the brand is worth a look if you happen to be a computer gaming fanatic. The Aspire series of laptops from Acer has had a successful run in the Indian laptop market.

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7. Samsung

Best Laptop Brands in India - Samsung

Samsung is no stranger to the Indian appliance market and its laptop segment is just a tiny part of it. The superior quality and long durability of Samsung laptops have contributed to the increased demand for the same. The best thing about the brand is that they have some exciting options in almost all the price and size segments. The top-selling models from the brand are appreciated for their security features, touch display controls, solid battery life and swift processors.

The Samsung brand does not compromise on the design aspect and most of its models are ergonomic with a fair bit of focus on keeping it compact and lightweight. The superlative picture quality of Samsung laptops is another standout feature every other brand has tried to ape. The Samsung Notebook 7 is a flagship offering from the brand and it comes with an incredible configuration and a long array of convenience features.

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8. MSI

Best Laptop Brands in India - MSI

MSI used to be popular among computer users as a brand that manufactures motherboards, graphics cards, and gaming consoles. The reputed brand ventured into the laptop industry with their unique models that are wholly dedicated to enhancing the gaming experience of its users. The laptops from the brand are surely not for those buyers who are on a tight budget and are a perfect choice if gaming happens to be a serious business for you.

The high-performance gaming laptops from MSI come with some unique features that are specially targeted at high-end gamers. The whole gaming experience is rich with its stellar sound quality, sharp display, and lightning quick processors. The MSI laptops are designed to play high definition games and the laptop from the brand should be a solid investment for the most sophisticated of gamers. Even the entry-level laptop of the brand is priced at about 50000 Rs.

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9. Toshiba

Best Laptop Brands in India - Toshiba

The Japanese MNC has established itself as one of the most popular laptop brands in India. The laptops from the brand have received rave reviews from the Indian buyers for its top-notch quality and high affordability. The budget models from the brand are equipped with enough features to satisfy the basic usage of students and upcoming professionals. The Toshiba laptops are also noted for their strong durability, solid hardware and remarkable performance.

The battery life of its Kirabook series laptops can be termed to be best in class. The laptops from Toshiba brand also have a wide screen-size range which varies from 13.3 inches to 18.39 inches. The Satellite series of laptops from the brand boasts of a few models that are most favored in India. The Toshiba Satellite Pro A40-C X4100 is one of the most recommended models from the brand and it offers a robust configuration at a very reasonable pricing.

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10. Microsoft

Best Laptop Brands in India - Microsoft

Microsoft is a fresh entrant in the Indian laptop market and the unparalleled reputation of its brand name has helped it to earn a decent customer base in no time. The Microsoft brand has impressed both the critics and users with its new Surface Book and Surface Pro series of laptops. Most of the models from the brand come furnished with a responsive touch-interface and pre-loaded Windows 10 OS.

The laptops are dependable when it comes to their performance and the sleek designing from the brand gives them the look and feel of a premium laptop. The Microsoft brand also offers its users a chance to get the best Windows experience from their laptops and their handy features like Windows Ink are unique additions from the brand. The Microsoft Surface Book is an exceptional choice for professional-grade users owing to its high portability, Intel processors and the ability to run top-end applications.

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