Best AC Brands in India

Top 10 Best AC Brands in India for Home

We have tried to make the selection process easier for you by chronicling the top 10 best AC brands in India now. We have rounded up the best-performing Air Conditioner brands in India based on their market share, reputation and other quality factors like their cooling performance, energy efficiency, convenience features and the innovations adopted in the technological field. You can figure out the best air conditioner for you from the top-selling models of these trusted brands. The scorching heat of the Indian summer has climbed to unbearable levels over the last few years.

Gone are the days when fans and coolers could be relied on to combat the excessive heat during the humid summer months. Air conditioners are the only way out of this mess and the luxurious home appliance of the old times has started to find its way into most of the Indian households. With new and upgraded cooling technologies coming out too frequently, the Indian buyers are now aware of the presence of a large number of competing brands in the air conditioner market. While it is better, that, you have enough options to choose from, the decision-making process could be a lot easier if you could break it down to at least the best AC brands in India. Check out our list of the top 10 best AC brands in India for home.

Here are the Top 10 Best AC Brands in India in 2020:


1. Voltas

Best AC Brands in India - Voltas

The TATA enterprise has emerged as the leading AC brand in India and the cost-effective offerings from the brand have created a loyal customer base for it. The diverse line-up of air conditioners from the brand makes it an ideal choice for both domestic and commercial usage. The trusted brand has come out with window ACs, split ACs, cassette ACs and a few slimline AC models as well.

The customer-centric approach from the brand has worked in its favor and the brand is often lauded for their widespread after sales network and lengthy warranty periods. The brand does enough to ensure that the servicing and maintenance of your air conditioners are taken care of conveniently. Apart from their suave designs and reliable performance, Voltas air conditioners often come with handy features like auto swing, memory function, LCD remote control, ionizer and anti-dust filters. The Delux, Magna and Zenith models from the brand are surely worth a look.

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2. LG

Best AC Brands in India - LG

LG is one of the market leaders in the electronic products segment in India and the portfolio of the brand in the country is incredibly diverse. The popularity and influence of LG in the Indian appliance market have made sure that the after sales network and customer service of the brand is one of the best in the country. But, the best part about brand LG has to be their extensive product line-up with enough options to fit into anyone’s budget constraint.

The brand boasts of some highly affordable ACs with handy utilities packed into it. The versatility of the brand is good with its spilt, window and floor standing air conditioners for residential usage and some highlander ACs for commercial usage. The LG air conditioners are known for their path-breaking cooling technology and other useful features like 4-way swing, jet cooling system, monsoon comfort, plasma filtration and inverter technology.

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3. Hitachi

Best AC Brands in India - Hitachi

Hitachi is yet another frontrunner in the AC manufacturing world and the brand is known for their constant inventiveness in product designing. The Hitachi air conditioners sold in India are specifically designed with Auto Climate technology to meet the demands of oscillating weather conditions in the country. The Hitachi air conditioners are also considered to be the most energy efficient ACs in India and the Inverter air conditioners from the brand are synonymous with low power consumption.

Hitachi has set its focus on the window and split air conditioner segments in India and the options from the brand are budget-friendly and reliable. The Twin Motor technology devised by the brand is noted for its uniform cooling and efficiency. The top-selling air conditioners from brand Hitachi are loaded with intelligent cooling technology and other smart features like Ace cut out, anti-bacterial filter guards, Follow Me feature, auto clean function and silent operation.

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4. Carrier

Best AC Brands in India - Carrier

Carrier has an enviable legacy of being the first company ever to manufacture air conditioners and the brand has managed to retain its reputation as a pioneer in this industry. The Split air conditioner segment is the strongest suit of the brand in India but it does come out with a handful of Window AC models as well. The air conditioners from Carrier are appreciated for their reliable and effective cooling performance.

The dehumidification technology used and the strong filtration process against bacteria and dust are some of the common features found in the best-selling models of the brand. The cutting-edge physical appearance of Carrier ACs is lauded for their ability to complement most interior designs. From simple 1 Ton air conditioners to its massive 2 Ton offerings, the range of air conditioners fits most types of users. The energy efficiency is excellent for models with 4-star rating or above.

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5. Blue Star

Best AC Brands in India - Blue Star

Blue Star is yet another trusted name among the air conditioning brands in the Indian market. The air conditioners from the brand are favored for their superlative performance and low energy consumption. The product line-up of Blue Star includes both budget-friendly and high-end models and the capacity of these ACs ranges from a reasonable 1 Ton to a gigantic 4.5 Ton. The cooling performance of the Blue Star air conditioners is first-rate owing to their powerful rotary compressors and upgraded technology.

Also, the dense network of dealers and retailers in the country makes sure that the after sales support and customer service of the brand is top-notch. The Blue Star air conditioners are loaded with convenient features like anti-freeze thermostat, memory function, auto restart, wide-angle airflow and exceptional air filtration. Watch out for the Hi-wall split air conditioners from the brand which are extremely popular among the Indian masses.

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6. Mitsubishi

Best AC Brands in India - Mitsubishi

The Japanese multi-national company is a world leader in air conditioning systems and the brand has a strong footing in the Indian market as well. The unique offerings from the brand are known for its ideal mix of creativity, durable quality and high-performance delivery. The state-of-the-art cooling technology adopted by Mitsubishi is visible in its split air conditioners sold in India.

Apart from its super silent operation, the air conditioners from the brand have impressed with its Auto Climate technology which is extremely suitable for Indian climatic conditions. The capacity range offered by the Mitsubishi air conditioners extends from 0.75 Ton to 2.5 Ton. The pricing is generally affordable for the models in the popular Ton capacities. The best-selling Mitsubishi air conditioners impress with their eco-friendly operation and other world-class features like auto cleaning, air purification filter, wide air swing, anti-allergen filter and other smart utilities.

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7. O General

Best AC Brands in India - O General

The Japanese brand has satisfied Indian consumers with their high-grade air conditioners and exemplary cooling technology. The research and development team of the brand makes constant upgrades to their products to enhance their performance and durability. The after sales support for the buyers is solid thanks to the branches and franchisees of the brand launched across the country. The sleek and minimalistic design of the General air conditioners is impressive with its compact dimensions that do not take up much space.

The energy savings are outstanding with the 4 star and 5 star rated models of the brand. The pricing of the air conditioners is reasonable and it varies between 25000 to 60000 rupees. The air conditioners from O General are equipped with Coanda airflow technology, i-PAM and V-Pam controls, anti-corrosion features and other user-friendly functions. The unique ceiling-wall split AC from the brand is gaining good momentum in the Indian market.

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8. Daikin

Best AC Brands in India - Daikin

Daikin is a pioneer in the global air conditioning market and the brand’s success in India isn’t surprising at all. The advanced cooling technology of Daikin has the ability to beat the most extreme of hot weather conditions. The brand’s willingness to invest in improving its service network in the country has started to pay rich dividends for them. High-grade performance is the core focus of the brand and its sleek design concepts and simple functionalities come as an added advantage for the users.

The pricing is reasonable with 0.75 Ton air conditioners available for as low as 24000 rupees. The green technology used by the air conditioners ensures that its operation is quiet and environment-friendly. The Daikin air conditioners are also praised for their Coanda air flow, corrosion treatment for the outdoor unit, stabilizer free operation and other intelligent features. Check out the highly popular FTXR and ATKM series of air conditioners from the brand.

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9. Samsung

Best AC Brands in India - Samsung

The South Korean conglomerate is the most successful company in India as far as consumer electronic goods are concerned. Samsung has a meaty hold over the air conditioning industry as well with its expansive range of split and floor standing ACs. The brand has just Split air conditioners at the moment and no options are there if you are looking for a Window AC.

The advanced air conditioners from Samsung are priced at an optimum range of 20000 to 70000 rupees and the capacities offered stretch from 1 to 2 Tons. The latest models from the brand are furnished with exciting features like single user energy saving mode, unique triangular design and anti-corrosion properties. The stabilizer free operation of the air conditioner and its protective filters turn the Samsung ACs into a true bang for buck product. The Triangle Inverter AC of the brand is well-favored among the Indian consumers.

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10. Videocon

Best AC Brands in India - Videocon

This Indian brand needs no special introduction as most of us are familiar with the wide range of electronic appliances manufactured by the brand. The trusted company holds a fair share of the air conditioning market in India with its solid line-up of split and window ACs. The superior performance and durable build of the Videocon air conditioners are well-backed by its flawless pricing and a long array of convenient features.

The copper coil condenser commonly used in the Videocon ACs enhances the cooling performance and lowers the power consumption. The top models from the brand are stocked with multi-point cooling system, turbo mode, and active carbon filters. The latest Wi-Fi enabled Videocon air conditioner and its smart features have gone on to revolutionize the air conditioning industry in India. The range in ton capacity is a bit poor with just 1 and 1.5 Ton models available from the brand.

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