Olympia guy new to 420 friendly

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Once a ritual tied to flighty hippies and sloth-like stoners, marijuana has become an elixir for those suffering from insomnia, cancer, and chronic pain. For Kyle Kingsbury, a retired mixed martial artist, pot became the only reliable non-pill pain reliever. So he circled back to pot as an alternative method of relief. But first he did his research. He learned that THC tetrahydracannibinol —the active ingredient in pot that actually gets you high—may also have similar neuroprotective effects.

Kingbury found what a of high-level athletes, from MMA fighters to bodybuilders, have also discovered: Marijuana works for their training and recovery. Studies on the benefits of marijuana for athletes are mostly non-existent because weed is still classified as a Schedule 1 drug on par with heroin. And with that fact unlikely to change anytime soon given the current political climate, many professional athletes are afraid to admit to using it for fear of punishment or condemnation, even as pot becomes legal for medical or recreational use in an increasing of states.

Perceptions are shifting so weed might someday become a workout accessory—like creatine or protein powder. Olympia Dorian Yates spoke extensively about his use of weed. Could you not be involved in that charity anymore if you had a glass of wine? Every day, before he hits the gym, Paul Roney and his buddy spark up a t and take a few puffs each.

Olympia guy new to 420 friendly

Look at that, he said to himself. I would smoke sometimes when I went into the gym, and I became more focused. It got my mind into that zone. For a long time, Yates avoided weed because he thought the smoke would have a negative effect on his lungs.

But after reading the of a years-long UCLA study which showed that smoke from marijuana had none of the negative effects of cigarette smoke, he began to study it further. So now, like McAlpine, he treats cannabis as another natural supplement in his arsenal. Not everyone enjoys smoking before a gym session.

Olympia guy new to 420 friendly

But it is something that works for certain people on specific days. The place where cannabis might have the most dramatic effect, though, is in your workout recovery. Physicians like Sisley are hoping they can convince the NFL to relax their policies next, since so many players are prescribed powerful painkillers by team doctors. Perry Solomon, an M. If you smoke too much too soon, you could wind up feeling sedated or even get some mild psychotic effects, which will probably turn you off weed altogether.

The good news is, the short-term side effects of smoking too much cannabis are about the only negative effects that have been uncovered by researchers thus far. As for which strains to try, this is where it can get confusing, because we still know so little about the individual effects certain strains might have on an individual. But given that most strains these days are hybrids of the two, McAlpine and others are convinced that beyond the placebo effect, those distinctions are largely a myth.

Did it come from a reliable dispensary? Is it pesticide-free? How has it been tested?

Olympia guy new to 420 friendly

Those are the things that are going to be more and more important as time goes on. And of course, ask your friends in the gym what works for them—even if something completely different winds up working for you, you can always compare notes. At the very least, it can be pretty fun to blaze up with your friends before you hit the gym; McAlpine says it gives him a whole different perspective on the strange quirks of gym culture.

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Olympia guy new to 420 friendly

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Olympia guy new to 420 friendly

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