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For years the topic of vaginal dryness and intercourse discomfort was not often discussed. There were OTC and prescription creams, pills and herbal supplements. Our therapists can be flexible to meet your needs in this time and are here to help you. Don't be shy. Feel free to ask for what you want Keep it short, words or less, this is just an initial contact. He delivered my 2 boys the first one was an emergency C-Section. I was nervous frightened and scared that I had to deliver my baby right that second.

Siudmak''s calm cool and caring manner took me through the birth process in such a loving manner. My son was born healthy and perfect thanks to Dr. My husband and I began trying to conceive right after we got married in After being unsuccessful for 2 years we decided to see a fertility specialist. I was diagnosed with a uterus didelphys 2 separate uterus and 2 separate cervix along with a vaginal septum. The specialist believed the reason I was unable to conceive was due to the septum blocking both openings to my cervix.

At that point he referred me to Dr. Siudmak to have the septum removed. After a successful surgery by Dr. Siudmak, about 6 months later I was pregnant. Unfortunately it ended in a miscarriage at about 10 weeks but after 2 years of trying, we were happy that we can actually get pregnant so we tried again right away.

Adult dating FL Hollywood 33026

At that point Dr. Siudmak decided to have me get an MRI and a CT scan to make sure that I did in fact have a uterus didelphys like the doctor said, just so we knew exactly what we were working with. Sure enough, Dr. Siudmak learned that I had only one uterus, divided into two by a uterine septum. He believed that the septum needed to be removed so the next pregnancy can grow successfully. At about 11 weeks we came to find out I miscarried yet again. Siudmak recommended that I have a bunch of blood tests done to rule out any abnormality or blood disorder I may have that could be preventing me from carrying a successful pregnancy.

Every single test was normal and or negative, which was bitter sweet. At this point I almost wished something would be wrong so I had something to blame the miscarriage on. So that's exactly what we did. A few months later we were pregnant again with our 4th pregnancy. Even though I had a few complications in the first trimester I developed a hemorrhage in my uterus that was causing me to bleed I stayed positive and it heeled by the second trimester. After all of the struggle and heart ache, I can honestly say it was all worth it and I'm so glad we never gave up. He is definitely an angel in disguise.

My first appointment with Dr. The staff is exceptional and treat you like family. Siudmak delivered 2 of my children and it was an amazing time for me, he made the process like a walk in the park, I looked forward to all my visits.

I talked about him to anyone that would listen. I give Dr. I am blessed to have Dr. Siudmak as my doctor. Before my procedure I was having pain during intercourse. I would recommend the MonaLisa Touch to any woman having any issues. I do not even have words to express my experience with Dr. He has been the best doctor anyone could ask for. He is warm, caring, attentive and so loving! He delivered my twins boys vaginally which Adult dating FL Hollywood 33026 one believes and he did it with such grace and support. I remember him telling my mom later how brave I was and the feeling I felt getting his opinion.

Adult dating FL Hollywood 33026

My baby girl came 20 months later and again he was there with open arms. My labor experiences have been true bliss thanks to Dr. I love him like family. Siudmak has been my doctor for over 25 years. He is a kind and gentle doctor, on top of being intelligent and well versed in his field, and medicine in general. I would recommend him to all women, including my daughter. As a matter of fact, I have. Siudmak delivered my first baby girl in August of I could not be more grateful to him for his amazing care throughout my pregnancy and during my labor and delivery. I was very worried I may end up needing a Cesarean at the 24 th hour of labor, but Dr.

Siudmak moved me from 3 cm. I would never have anyone else deliver my children because Dr. Siudmak is truly the best! He loves what he does and takes care and pride in his work and it shows.

Adult dating FL Hollywood 33026

Thank you Dr. Siudmak, we love you and really appreciate all you did for us and Lydia. Siudmak has delivered my 2 sons. My first pregnancy in was smooth as silk even though I was considered high risk. My visits to his office were great because he would take the time to help me understand any concerns about my pregnancy. My second pregnancy in was more challenging and I was sick most of my pregnancy. Siudmak was again very forthcoming and ensured that my unborn baby and I were doing well at all times. My iron levels suddenly dropped towards the end of my pregnancy and this was caught immediately by Dr.

Even though my son was a little underweight, he was healthy and simply perfect. I really liked the fact that Dr. Siudmak took care of all my postpartum needs and ensured I was healing accordingly with both pregnancies. I am grateful and thankful to him for making sure my babies were delivered safely.

As a patient of Dr. Siudmak for the past 3 years I have had nothing Adult dating FL Hollywood 33026 positive experiences. As soon as you enter this office you are greeted by the helpful staff who will facilitate anything that you may need.

Siudmak will be delivering my second child c-section at the end of the month. His professionalism and bedside manner is hands down the best. You will never leave his office wondering, any questions or concerns you may have will be answered immediately. Siudmak has proven to me he is extremely knowledgeable and I fully trust his choice of care. A friend suggested I try Dr. Siudmak's practice after the birth of my first son. I was disgusted with the care I had received during my recent pregnancy and was looking for more than what I refer to as "drive through OBGYN".

After the first appointment, my husband and I were surprised and yet happy when Dr. Siudmak sat down with us in his office to get to know us and discuss our visit. A pleasant throwback to the personal care we received from our family pediatrician growing up. The staff at Dr. Siudmak's office were equally warm and more importantly efficient. Nurses responded to my inquiries promptly and provided thorough feedback.

I went on to spend quite a bit of time at Dr. Siudmak's office as he delivered my subsequent six children. Lady wants sex FL Hollywood For years the topic of vaginal dryness and intercourse discomfort was not often discussed. Online: Now. A few months later I was pregnant, and again I miscarried at about 12 weeks.

Adult dating FL Hollywood 33026

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